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Explorium Reimagination: Inspiring the Future

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

We're thrilled to announce that Mountain Top Explorium is starting a reimagination project for both the Explorium itself and several of our exhibits. In February 2022, we successfully secured our current location in the heart of Breckenridge. When we made the move, some of our previous exhibits were relocated with limited updating. Now, we are embarking on the ambitious goal to remodel the Explorium and convert our space into a fully immersive community resource for children and their caregivers.

The Explorium will be transformed into an immersive place-based experience which encapsulates the surroundings of Breckenridge and Summit County. It can best be described as “Meow Wolf meets Breckenridge Children’s Museum”. Upon entry into the Explorium each museum patron will be greeted by our museum attendant known as our “local guide” who will hand over an age differentiated trail map. The trail map will guide children and adults through an immersive and connected experience.

Every exhibit will be intricately intertwined to the history, natural beauty, and current activities found in Breckenridge and Summit County. As Explorium patrons journey through our network of trails, they will receive helpful tips to enhance their child's learning and engagement with each exhibit. Additionally, these trail maps will offer valuable insights into child development for adults and caregivers. Rather than just instructing parents and caregivers on how to facilitate interaction with the exhibits, they will also explore the underlying "why" behind the design of each exhibit and explore how these strategies for child development extend beyond the walls of the Explorium.

Join Our Team

We’re currently seeking community members to join our Museum and Exhibit Team to help influence this remodel project. Please contact Dave Miller or complete our Volunteer Information Form to tell us you're interested in being involved.



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