Camp registration for summer 2022 opens April 1st, 2022!

Summer Day Camp

Join us for a day, week, or a whole summer of fun! Mountain Top has been offering engaging and creative content in our Summer Day Camp program since 2002. Check out eligibility requirements, weekly themes, COVID-19 protocols, scholarship information, required forms, and how to register below. 

Summer Camp Information


June 2, 2022 - August 23**, 2022

Monday – Friday: 8:00* am – 6:00 pm.

*Early drop off available for fee

**Subject to change based on SSD schedule

Day Camp Location

555 South Park Avenue

Breckenridge, CO 80424

(In the Village at Breckenridge 7-14 Ski School facility, front door faces Maggie Pond)


Local: $45/day |  $210 for M-F

Guest: $85/day  |  $55 multi-day rate* 

*Guests who sign up for 5 or more days

How to Register Via Email

  1. Fill out the required documents below
    - One child per form
    - Include any medical forms applicable ​


  2. Send us an email with:
    - Child(ren)'s Name(s)
    - Age, School & Grade
    - Dates you're requesting


  3. Email registration form and completed paperwork to and a confirmation email will be sent to you within 24 hours with next steps if applicable.

Need help registering? Email or call us at 970-453-7878

Eligibility for Summer 2021

  • Summit and Park County locals ages 4* and up
    *4 year olds welcome who are attending Kindergarten in the Fall 2021 and turn 5 before October 1, 2021​

  • Summit County guests are eligible to attend camp after staying in Summit County for 14 days or have a negative PCR test on day 5 in Summit County before their first day of camp. 

  • Eligibility requirements for 2022 have not been determined. Eligibility will be based on CDPHE and Summit County Public Health's guidance.

Mountain Top Tidbits:

  • ALL required paperwork is due on your child’s 1st day of enrollment  

  • Cancellations need to be made 1 week prior to the date being cancelled for full refund.

  • There are NO sick days or make up days.

  • NEW: Cancellations due to a COVID-19 quarantine or positive test within 1 week to the date being cancelled will be credited to your account.  

  • Early drop off before 8 am available for $5/30 minutes. Registration required. 

  • Drop-ins after 6:00 pm the night before, pending availability, are $55 drop in rate*

  • Payments are due monthly (beginning of the month)

  • Please note our pick up time is 6:00 pm

*local rate

COVID-19 Guidelines and Policies:

  • Guidelines include requiring masks indoors, daily health screenings, small group sizes, frequent disinfecting, and socially distanced activities. See our COVID-19 Camper Guidelines.

  • Summer program attendees are grouped by age and siblings, depending on preference. For example, K-2 are together, but if there is a sibling in 3rd grade, they will be kept with their sibling unless parent approval is given to split them up. Grades 3-5 in another group (depending on enrollment).

  • Your child's Mountain Top group is considered a cohort by Public Health. If there are any exclusions or outbreaks, your child's cohort will be considered. 

  • If your child misses camp within the 7 day cancellation policy due to exposure or COVID-19 precautions, your account will be credited for the missed day. No refunds are available within 1 week of the cancellation; our 1 week full refund cancellation policy remains in place.

  • Find more COVID-19 guidelines in >

2021 Summer Camp Themes**:

**2022 Summer Camp Themes will be announced in March of 2022.

Each camp week is based on an exciting theme that offers children opportunities to be creative, inquisitive, and adventurous. Join us for one day, one week, or the whole summer!

June 3,4  |  This n’ That

Summer is here! With half of the week in school and the other half getting our summer wiggles out We’re jumping right in with some of our camp favorites and this n’ that to kick off summer camp!

June 7-11  |  Fear Factor

Do you have what it takes to not be totally grossed out? Fungus, homemade snot, and mold are all concoctions we will make and discover. Explore the limits of your mind and body with trusting your partner, trying high ropes elements, and touching whatever is inside the mystery box. 


June 14-18  |  Rock On! 

Time to discover your musical talents! Try out new instruments, dance like nobody's watching, and make your own music video. Learn music traditions from cultures around the world, sing karaoke, and put a band together! Rock on, rock stars!


June 21-25  |  Inventor’s Workshop 

How does it work? Invent and build from parts and pieces, become an architect, and experiment with gadgets and gizmos. Put on your safety goggles and take things apart. Come up with a solution for something you want to make easier in your life. Maybe an invention that gets you dressed or feeds you!

June 28 - July 2  |  Star Wars

Are you one with the force? In this Star Wars camp, we will hone our force skills with lightsaber training, an obstacle course, and fascinating space science lessons. We will make Death Star cookies, our own lightsabers, and even a baby Yoda craft. Join us for this cosmic adventure!

July 5 - 9  |  Exploding Science

Step into the world of science. Make potatoes and toilet paper fly and blast off giant smoke rings with a vortex generator. It will be a week filled with screaming balloons, flying soda, preposterous polymers, and dry ice experiments. Experience science in the high country!

July 12 - 16  |  Under the Sea

We’re bringing ocean life to Colorado! Discover the creatures and colorful landscapes that live under the sea. Learn the properties of water, create a seashell sculpture, and sink a submarine. Spend a day on the "beach", design a boat, make a fish print and prepare to get wet! 

July 19 - 23  |  Mountain Top’s Got Talent

Step into the spotlight, create a radio show, and become a movie star. Make puppets, masks, and props from your imagination and put on a five star production! Create your own product and make a commercial, share your hidden talents at Mountain Top’s Talent Show!

July 26 - 30  |  Superhero Week

Avengers unite! Campers will create their own superhero capes and symbols, train to fight villains, and discover their own super power! Learn about local superheroes such as first responders and search and rescue dogs, and visit the Flight for Life hangar! 


August 2 - 6  |  Let the Games Begin! (Olympics)

Olympics 2020, take two! As the world takes on an international competition, we will be hosting our own Mountain Top Olympics. Join us as we learn different sports and try out fun games and events while cheering on team USA.

August 9 - 13  |  Robot Wreckage

Beebot boop boop. Start your discovery of robotics using legos, move your way up creating circuits out of loose parts, then code your own robot. End the week with an epic battle of Battle Bots!

August 16 - 20  |  Wacky Racers

Join us to make and race all things that go! From extraordinary boats, planes and automobiles, to out-of-the-ordinary races using fish, melons, and water. Design rockets and machines that GO.

August 23 - 25  |  Kinder Kiddos

Enjoy all that camp has to offer while the big kids are in school! This week is all about the Kindergarteners. It's their camp, their way until the big day.


Required Forms

Before your child's first day at camp, we need all required forms filled out and complete. Please fill out electronically (all forms are fillable!) or by hand all forms below and send to

Include your child's appropriate immunization form with your registration.


Additional Documents & Helpful Info

Camp Financial Aid

In partnership with The Summit Foundation, Mountain Top is dedicated to supporting our families in financial need. We are accepting applications on a rolling basis. We encourage all families with demonstrated financial need to apply.