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Family Resources

Mountain Top Explorium desires to maintain a partnership between all families, students, and our facilitators. It’s important that we maintain open dialogue about how to best work with your students. As a licensed program, we are required to collect information from each family about your student. We understand this is a great deal of work and want to support you through this process.

Please contact or call 970-453-7878 with any questions. 


Payment & Cancellation 

After-School Program & School Break 

A “block” is defined as a program month. For example, all days within January will be considered a part of the January program block. 



At the time of registration: 20% deposit required

1-week prior to the start of the after school program month/block: Final Payment is Due



Program Transfer: 100% of paid tuition can be transferred to another available day within the same program block (if space is available)

Before 1-Week Prior to the start of the after school month/program block: 100% of tuition and registration fees are non-refundable. For Example, if a programs starts on a Monday, all cancellations

1-week Prior to the start of the after school program block: Non-refundable

Summer Day Camp 

Date of Registration: 20% deposit required

May 1, 2024: Balance Due



On or Before May 1, 2024: Full refund

After May 1

  • More than 4-weeks prior to the Session Start Date: 80% refund 

  • Less than 4-weeks prior to the Session Start Date: Non-refundable

Program Transfer: Registered participants may transfer 100% of paid registration fees to another summer date at any time, subject to availability.

Drop Off & Pick-Up 

After School 

Pick-Up: 5:00p-5:30p 

School Break

Drop-Off: 8:30a-9:00a

Pick-Up: 5:00p-5:30p

We understand that emergencies happen and request that you drop-off and pick-up during these windows of time to ensure program quality. 

Packing List & Parent Handbook

Please review the Parent Handbook - Click Here. If you have any questions about our program policies, please reach out to an Explorium staff member.

School Break

Linked PDF Here


We want to hear from you! Please feel free to contact Mountain Explorium anytime. 

Outside of Program Hours

Phone: 970-453-7878


Text: Coming Soon

During Program Hours

Upper Blue Phone/Text: Coming Soon

Breck Phone/Text: Coming Soon


As a licensed program, parents are required to complete necessary paperwork so that we can best care for your child.


Due Dates

After School & School Break: 1- week prior to each program month/block.

Summer Day Camp: All paperwork is due May 15th or at the time of registration if registering after May 15th 

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