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Summer Camp: Week 4

Week four of Summer Day Camp at Mountain Top Explorium has come to an end! This week's theme was "Around the World in 5 Days", and campers learned about all of the World's 7 continents.

On Monday we learned about North and South America! Campers made Rocky Mountain animal masks, had a picnic at Carter Park, and made a paper snake chain using only Rainforest animals. Tuesday was all about Africa! The kids created their own pyramid, played "Hungry, Hungry, Hippos", and used shaving cream to create a Zebra marbling effect.

On Wednesday, campers learned about Antarctica, and used several experiments to learn about how animals in Antarctica can survive in such cold weather. We even got to take a field trip to the Rec Center to swim - thankfully the water there is a little warmer than Antarctica!

Thursday was all about Europe and Asia. We made our own renditions of the Eiffel Tower, painted "Italian" pasta necklaces, and learned about Mt. Everest! Finally, on Friday, we traveled to Australia for the day. We had a STEM challenge where campers were tasked with recreating the Sydney Harbour Bridge out of cups and plates, and played "Animal Tag", where we pretended to be different Australian animals to avoid capture by the zookeepers!

Thank you to our campers for traveling around the world with us!


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