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Mountain Top for All: Our Inclusive Vision

Mountain Top Explorium is embarking on a transformative journey with our "Mountain Top for All" initiative, aimed at making the Explorium and programs more accessible to everyone in our community.

Free Explorium Access

In our first step, we're providing free Explorium entry for children and families facing financial or other barriers. Families receiving SNAP or Medicaid benefits can gain free access to the Explorium by showing their EBT or Medicaid card.

Welcoming Everyone

To ensure our museum is a welcoming space for all, we're poised to take several steps at improving our accessibility:

  • Multilingual Accessibility: We're working to update all Explorium signage to include both Spanish and English translations, as we work to make the Explorium more welcoming to our Spanish speaking community.

  • Developmental Supports: Our facilities are being improved to accommodate visitors with physical, neurodivergent, social emotional, or other exceptionalities.

  • Celebrating Diversity: We're committed to representing all cultures within our Explorium and throughout exhibits, fostering greater cultural understanding.

Join Us on this Journey

Be part of our journey towards a more inclusive Mountain Top Explorium. This initiative will require diverse support from both within our organization and throughout the community. To discover how you can actively participate in the Mountain Top for All initiative, please reach out to Mountain Top Explorium for more information.

Phone: (970) 453-7878

In-Person: Come by the Explorium and we’d love to meet with you


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