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School Break Program Schedule - January 15, 2024

We’re excited to host School Break Programs exclusive to the elementary aged students of Summit School District. Each day of programming will have a unique curriculum theme. The day's activities will be differentiated for elementary aged students so that everyone in the program has the opportunity to learn and grow.

January 15 -  Newton’s Physics Workshop

Throughout the day students will explore Newton's Laws of Physics. Students will participate both inside and outside. This means that students should be prepared with snow gear along with comfortable attire for inside activities. You can receive a full packing list here.

Schedule of Activities

8:30- 9:00a Drop Off & Name Games

9:00-10:00a Newton’s Laws Introduction

Guiding Question: Gain a basic understanding of vocabulary for the day including mass, velocity, force, and acceleration. 

10:00-10:20a Free Play 

10:30-11:00a Momentum Bowling 

Guiding Question: How does mass affect momentum?

11:00-12:00p Falling Objects 

Guiding Question: What is gravity? 

12:00-12:30p Lunch

12:30-1:00p Free Play

1:00-2:30p Physics of Sledding 

Guiding Question: What variables affect speed & velocity? 

2:30-2:45p Snack - Explorium Provided

3:00- 4:00p Egg Drop

Guiding Question: How do engineers use laws of physics to control speed and impact?

4:00-4:30p Large Group Game

4:30-5:30p Build a Roller Coaster 

Guiding Question: What is potential and kinetic energy? 

5:00-5:30p Pick-Up 


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