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Spring Scholarship Campaign Successes

During May & June Mountain Top Explorium ran a Spring Scholarship Campaign. We are deeply indebted to Alpine Bank for providing a challenge grant of $7,500. We are excited to announce that we have successfully met the matching goal and raised a grand total of $16,825 in support of local school-aged child care programs. 

This funding directly supports Mountain Top Explorium’s after school program which is held at Breckenridge and Upper Blue Elementary, school break programs which are hosted in Breckenridge and open to the entire school district, and our summer day camp scholarship program specifically serving the local students within Summit School District. 

We couldn’t do this without the support of the Mountain Top Community. Thank you for your support and we’re proud to continue to serve the community!

Program Highlights 

Below is a quick highlight of the programs supported by the Explorium Scholarship Fund. 

After School

  • Doubled capacity serving both Breckenridge and Upper Blue Elementary students;

  • Over 45% of students qualified for free & reduced lunch receive the program for $1 per day.

School Break

  • Doubled capacity serving serving students from each of Summit’s six Elementary Schools;

  • 30% of all students qualified for free & reduced lunch receive the program for $5 per day.

Summer Day Camp

  • Serving over 91 Summit School District Students who receive the program at a reduced scholarship rate of $65 per day compared to the typical rate of $115 per day;

  • We’re currently serving students from each of the 6 Summit School District Elementary Schools;

  • Awarded over $10K in additional scholarship funding to 24 families serving over 30 campers.


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