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Summer Camp: Week 3

Week three of Summer Day Camp at Mountain Top Explorium was "Explorium Week"! While the original idea for this week stemmed from our children's museum, we had plenty of activities to match the theme.

Monday was filled with plenty of wacky crafts including pipe cleaner crystals and a nature maze. We also learned about team building and working together with the Hula Hoop Pass and Human Knot experiments! On Tuesday, campers made their own popsicle stick catapults, paper chains, and Cheerio towers!

Wednesday was a day of experiments. Campers learned what happens when Coca Cola and mentos are combined, and created their own balloon rockets - lets just say, the results were explosive! On Thursday, campers learned about kinetic energy, creating marble races and mazes. Some of them even got to visit the children's museum! Finally, Friday was filled with DIY activities. Campers created stress balls, made their own Cloud Dough, and pipe cleaner friends!

Thank you to our campers for a wonderful Explorium Week!



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