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Summer Camp: Week 6

Week six of Summer Day Camp at Mountain Top Explorium has come to an end. This week's theme was "The Show Must Go On", and campers put on quite the show!

Monday was filled with plenty of theater-themed activities, such as Story Stones, a word association game, and creating our own comic strips!

Tuesday was a busy day! In the morning, we had a dancing popcorn experiment and movie trivia. In the afternoon, we took a field trip to the Ice Rink for some ice skating fun! Campers who chose not to ice skate got to play at the Train Park and hike to the Troll! On Wednesday, we learned about sound waves with a sound wave experiment and balloon amplifier. Later in the day, we made our own instruments! Camp was filled with the beautiful sounds of homemade instruments such as harmonicas, straw flutes, and paper plate tambourines.

Thursday was all about plays! Campers completed a Costume in a Bag challenge before a picnic at Breckenridge Elementary Playground. In the afternoon, we created our own plays and performed for the other classrooms! Finally, on Friday, we started preparing for the talent show! Campers created spoon puppets, which they then used for a Puppet Showcase, where they performed puppet shows for the other campers. We ended the day on Friday with a Talent Show, where campers showed us their most impressive talents, with everything from gymnastics to singing!

A big thank you to our campers for all of their entertainment this week!



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