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Summer Camp: Week 7

Week seven of Summer Day Camp at Mountain Top Explorium has come to an end. This week's theme was "Barnyard Bash", and was filled with field trips and animal-related crafts and activities.

On Tuesday, a group of campers and counselors got to go horseback riding! To continue the Barnyard Fun on Thursday, a group of 25 children were able to visit Far View Horse Rescue, where they were able to learn everything about their favorite farm animals! Lessons included lassoing, scooping waste, and how to properly groom horses. Campers who chose not to attend had a mini field trip of their own, including a picnic at River Park and gardening in our Breckenridge Community Garden Plot!

As Barnyard Bash week comes to a close, we'd love to share some photos of our adventures with you. If you would like to sign your child up for remaining Summer Day Camp slots, click the link below. Many thanks to Far View Horse Rescue and Breckenridge Stables for providing two days of fun this week!



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